I am so very terribly sorry that I have been missing. Life seems to wait for you to find something to do and then stick it’s cellulite covered legs in your way. Otherwise, you could be waiting to do something fun or useful with your time and life will not lift even a finger to intervene. It seems that if you make any initiative of your own, life isn’t too happy and starts to feel insecure in its position as provider. So it all of a sudden will swamp you with all sorts of random things that have no other purpose than to simply get in the way of what you want to do.

I realize that may not make sense to most people, and that is just fine. I tend to grant independent, life like traits to different elements of my life, just because that way I never feel alone. Is that sad? Perhaps it is, but hey, it floats my boat and fills my sails, thank you

So I guess it is time that I officially state what this blog will actually be about.

My agenda will be as follows:

  • Travel

Because who doesn’t like to read what others have to say about places and share their experiences and advice on what not to do and what you simply must do before heading back to wherever you happen to be from.

  • Food

Because I am an ardent and proud Foodie. In fact I have an ambition to one day save up enough moola to be able to go on a food-tour of the world, going to places JUST TO EAT.

  • Everyday experiences

Because my life is a cornucopia of the bizarre and amusing. At least for onlookers. Me? I just feel victimized to be fair.


  • Fashion

Because I am a 22 year old female ^_^ … not that you need to meet any of those to be into fashion. I just cant find a better reason for myself to be as obsessed with attire as I am. The day I find a deeper rooted reason, you will be duly informed.

I have to wonder if my ponderings and ramblings will ever actually gather a following of like minded readers and also get me criticism from people that really don’t like me very much or the way I write. Famous or infamous? Either would do really, as a blogger just starting out (and I know I will regret ever putting this on here should the second instead of the first happen).

So yes, here we go, Ramsha has alot to say little lady bugs!

Such fun being vaguely me on the interwebs 🙂


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