Blog: Interrupted

Interruption. They just put my teeth on edge. Of all the times the internet connection can choose to be a total failure at existence is when I settle in to compose a blog post. The worst part of this has been that I probably started off as having a great idea of what I wanted to write and by now, which is my fourth attempt, I am just blergh…

I believe that blogs are one of those outlets where one can express in terms of first draft with no fear. At least that is what I do. I find that more often than not, post editing, work tends to lose the true, raw edge that it once had. Sure it may not be spell checked and raped by the grammar Nazi, but that’s what makes it special right?

This post will not amount to much though, sad as that is. The internet has played one too many games with me this morning and I am now not as happy a camper as I started out. Maybe later in the day I shall make another attempt?


Just FYI: countdown to Malaysia has begun! just thought I should put that out there in case people started to wonder where the Travel part of this Travel blog is.


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