Packing is like….

Packing is like:

1) trying to decide which teeth one should keep and which ones should be pulled out

2) trying to go IKEA with your life when you have lived like a spice shop in Marakech

3) losing the “freshman 15”, except this is weight of a life time that you now want to diet into a duffel bag and a backpack

4) the most stress inducing activity after watching foreign horror films… you’re scared but you don’t understand of what exactly.


5) just highly unpleasant

Can you tell, dear reader, that I do not enjoy packing? Sadly kit preludes one of my greatest loves, which is of course, traveling. One does not simply head out the door one day with nothing but the clothes on their back and the shoes on their feet! But I just wish there was a way to simplify the process. Some way of knowing exactly what you need to take with you. I am quite efficient when it comes to vacations and small trips but how does one go about packing for 6 months for college abroad? It just shows how many THINGS are a part of our lives when you realize you can only take so much to live on because of airplane baggage weight limitation and not to mention the closet sized rooms most universities house their students in…

Ill post some pictures of the progress so far soon.


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