A Kitty Called Nightmare…

Under Cover

My cat, a funny feline caricature of a vampire (with legit fangs that poke over its lower “lip”), perhaps aptly named Nightmare. She likes to pretend she is invisible. I am not kidding here. This cat is a strange, silent creature that sneaks about, loathes attention or affection and is most at ease when it feels like no one knows she’s present. She is a hovering watcher of sorts, with big round yellowy-green eyes and jet black fur. Prone to doing silly things and then running away to hide if anyone witnesses any of these activities. Now I promised myself I would not become one of those bloggers that incessantly inundates her blog with “cute cat pics”, but Nightmare is a retard that deserved at least one post… or a couple (to come) to her name.

When she realizes we know she’s there

what was it they say about cats and curiosity?

Has a weird obsession with my inspiration boards, canvasses and papers



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