The Saddar I Love…

Old Karachi

Saddar is one of the oldest areas of Karachi, and one that is probably the most densely  populated. Made up mostly of dilapidated old structures, Saddar is an ode to the glory days of the British rule in the sub continent, with more building from that era than any other place in Pakistan that I have personally encountered. Falling into disrepair, it honestly does break my heart that very soon all of this lovely history will be lost. There are barely any  efforts made to restore the area, when the richness of its historical value would be a certain boost to tourism in the area, sort of like London I would like to imagine…all those lovely old buildings cleaned up and maintained. People still dwell here, alot of old families and many people from all over Pakistan can trace their family back to a time when they had resided here or around the area at some point in time.

an old park in central Saddar, home to hundreds of pidgeons

The park that you see above is not only home to several hundred pigeons but also many homeless people find shelter here each night as you can see here. This picture was taken very early in the morning. There is also a mosque on the premises, a holy place, which is probably why these people are not disturbed or asked to move, since traditionally mosques are supposed to be a place of sanctuary and not only worship.


Aforementioned Mosque





breaking down…


Stacking Humanity




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