The “Ugly” in the Penguin

Sometimes I have problems managing stress. I can deal with a lot and those who know me will attest to that fact. Yet sometimes, just once in a while, it all gets to be too much. People like me, those that carry a veneer of patience and acceptance and above all else, tolerance, are like concrete dams. strong and damn near impermeable. Until they start to fall into disrepair and become derelict. When people start to honestly believe in the indestructibility of that wall and start taking it for granted, corroding it, defacing it with graffiti… and then the first minor crack appear. So small no one even sees them, heck even the dam itself ignores them and carries on…then slowly but surely, the cracks start to stretch… and then one fine day POP there is a leak, and once there’s one, many more come through…

That is why when people like me get angry, it is a terrible sight to behold. It is destructive because its not only explosive its also implosive, hence destroying everything, leaving not just other but even myself feeling drained and dead. Same for the nerves. When we finally crack, it isn’t just a sad faced day… it is an all out nervous meltdown.

So please, if you know someone who seems to be as sure as a wailing wall, always there to take all you have to throw at them, once in a while take time to invest in them as well. Because when that well will break it will not leave anything behind.


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