Moments of non-commital laziness

I envy those people, specially creative ones prone to flights of fancy, that still manage to stick to a schedule and meet every deadline. Some people just seem to have it all sorted where as there are times I get overwhelmed. I guess the problem is that, I want to do everything. I am 22 and it’s already starting to feel like I’ve wasted waaaay too much time of my life and really need to get a move on. When I usually state this concern, people say, well you are ONLY 22 and you still have a lot of time. Except these people don’t have the faintest clue of just how MUCH I want to do!

And so it comes to pass that, I stuck my leg into two different books (reviews coming soon, I promise) which include Courtesans by Katie Hickman, Josephine by Andrea Stuart, both of which are extremely descriptive and sumptuous, a fact that really made my imagination run wild. Then I have this blog, where I completely got lost in reading up all the lovely new posts from all the blogs I am subscribed to or following which meant I wasn’t doing any contributing myself. Furthermore, my father and I wanted to take our shared love of photography and film further by starting a collaborative channel on youtube. Yes, you read that right, Youtube!

Super exciting stuff except I still need to teach my father a few things about his camera, keeping in mind that I am fast running out of time before my “great move” to Malaysia in less than TEN DAYS! Phew… so much to do, so little time… and then I will have university to contend with as well from the 16th of July… I’m feeling exhausted already to be honest…

Feeling like I’m walking a thin line

To be fair, I must state, I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way. I love the excitement, the ups and downs and the constant swirl of technicolor that is my world. I love the changes, the way things around me move. My life is like a constantly changing painting and sometimes I do feel like I am drowning under it all. But hey, everyone gets that way.


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