Guess who just got back to the blog world!

Hello everyone! I know I have been missing. But anyone who has ever moved in their lives can attest to how stressful and busy a time it can be. Well no I have settled in and will be back with a bang and you will all be seeing  lot more posts on here.

So what has happened since my last post? I moved to Malaysia, to the province of Sarawak. This is one of two Malaysian provinces on the island of Borneo, which itself is shared between Indonesia, Brunei and of course Malaysia itself. I now reside in the small pseudo-industrial town of Miri, fondly known as a “Shell town” because the Shell company struck oil here some decades ago and now there are many people here solely employed by them.

I said “pseudo” industrial because when you first land and step out of the airport, the sheer lush greenery makes it difficult to believe that this is an industrial town. Whats more is the strong feeling of ever encroaching nature just ready to reclaim its dominance, not the kind of man-developed greenery usually seen in other industrial towns to combat the environmental impact of industrial development, but true natural-rainforesty wildness punctuated by rivers and estuaries and small lakes here and there. What I mean to say is is, seeing the vast swamp like landscape, the ever present possibility of rain and the small-town lazy factor lend Miri a sort of hazy, laid back dreaminess described by Anne Rice in her descriptions of Louisiana perhaps? That seems to be the only comparison I can drum up right now.

What am I doing here you may wonder. Well I am studying. At Curtin University of Techonology’s off-shore campus. The university itself is based out of Australia. I am pursuing another degree now, Mass Communications, majoring in Public Relation and Film & Television. Fun times. Presetly I am a little exhausted from class so here I will proceed to insert some pictures of the crocodile farm. Enjoy!