List of annoying things and instances (current)

  1. People who don’t see the obvious
  2. When you really want someone to take a risk with you/for you but they don’t
  3. People who chew with their mouth open
  4. People who treat my illness as if it limits me, makes me less than I am or makes them want to be extra protective… I am a grown woman
  5. People who do not respect other people’s work and effort
  6. those who do not know how to take responsibility
  7. homophobic people
  8. procrastination (which I myself suffer)
  9. feeling old
  10. itchy feet/wanderlust left unsatisfied
  11. pending work
  12. the feeling of dread when I realize I am kinda lost right now… very annoying
  13. weakness
  14. need
  15. insomnia
  16. the book I began but haven’t made progress with
  17. my futile attempts at leading a more sound, secure, well managed productive life
  18. money troubles
  19. love… it can really suck
  20. chipped nail varnish





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