So this is what media students do…

I was recently given an assignment to create “web presence”. What this meant was that I had to create a blog or a wiki and then connect it to three contributing nodes.

Knowing WordPress best I decided to base my main node right here. The idea was simple, I wanted to create a social diary of international and local students studying in Curtin University, Sarawak campus in Malaysia.

Here is a link to our university website

Sarawak is one of two Malaysian provinces on the island of Borneo. Borneo is the largest island in the world, shared between Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. The two Malaysian provinces (combined, called East Malaysia) are Sabah and Sarawak.

Curtin University is based out of a little industrial city called Miri.


The idea is simple. I have created another blog, which has a corresponding Youtube channel, a facebook page and a twitter page, all of which are basically one big social journal of what we get up to here while we study. It really is an interesting environment because we are all essentially foreigners, even the Malaysians from West Malaysia that study here. I wanted to chronicle how we interact and how well we get along essentially, people not only from different countries but from completely different cultures and backgrounds, political opinions, genders, race and religion. There is so much to be learnt in such an environment!

So if you, dear constant reader, are interested in seeing what goes on in this little slice of tropical paradise then here are the links you need. Feel free to comment, subscribe, post, give feedback and follow!


The WordPress blog page:


The Youtube Channel:


The Facebook page:



There is this little key on you keyboard that is named the Backspace key. Wouldn’t it be interesting if there was a backspace key for life? for our actions. Like some place where we type our actions to come before we hit enter thus giving us the chance to review what we are about to do before we did it. The Backspace key for life would solve so many problems and I don’t understand why tech companies don’t come up with something like this. I know it’s years before we will be able to alter time and move back and forth with it but maybe the Backspace/Type box should be the next thing these people work on.

So many instances, so many times I’ve seen words leave my mouth like speech bubbles only to want to swallow them back as they hit the ears of those around me. So many times I’ve wished I could have reviewed all the stupidly impulsive shit I have done and had that one moment to reflect on it before I hit enter, altering my karmic balance with the ripple effect of this act.

The backspace key is a blessing to me as a blogger. Me who tries to keep my writing free form in a thought-flow style. Where I try to basically type as ideas and thoughts flow. Now my mind works fast once it hits on an idea or inspiration and luckily my typing speed matches the speed of this creative flow, BUT I often have typos. The side affect of shaky hands that cannot be avoided. So I make good use of this best-friend key of mine. Some or maybe even most of you would agree.

I sat there with a drink in my hand yet again, with the Fray playlist playing on youtube wondering what to write about and found myself staring at this key and I realized… I realized everything I just typed out!