23 Things All Girls Secretly Want

Brilliant read 😀

Thought Catalog

1. To be 5’10 like Cindy Crawford.

2. A man that will tell instead of ask (because he has secret ESP so he always knows the right thing to say).

3. Clothes that look better on your body than on the rack.

4. A job they’re really good at, and don’t have to wear pantyhose, long skirts and crew necks in order for them to be taken seriously.

5. The ability to do it all, or at least to stop caring about doing things that aren’t actually important without being judged.

6. A skin care regiment that is perfect, inexpensive, and easy.

7. Female role models that are equal parts Elizabeth Taylor and Hillary Clinton.

8. To be able to freely make whatever choice they want in regard to dress, politics, work or parenting and without it making them a “good” or a “bad” feminist.

9. An orgasm every time.

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