Dark City (1998) [FILM REVIEW]

I contributed on Eternal Abhorrence! Yes I do sometimes use my film education to do reviews once in a while 🙂

Eternal Abhorrence


When it comes to film makers and their ilk, Alex Proyas is a personal favorite director of mine because I have a soft spot for the cult classic that is his rendition of “The Crow” (1994), from the graphic novels of the same name. Seemingly fascinated with allegorical future-gone-ape-shit-crazy ideas, he is also the man behind “I, Robot” (2004) and “Knowing” (2009).

Yet I must say “Dark City” (1998) is something of a crowning achievement. A mishmash of nostalgic genres, mixing neo-Noir and early elements of Sci-Fi reminiscent of German masterpiece Metropolis, it still managing to remain new and fresh (for 1998 when it was originally released).  The plot of Dark City revolves around John Murdoch (played by Rufus Sewell to great effect) as he awakens alone in a hotel room, and realizes as he further ventures out into the city, that something is seriously wrong. More like unnatural…

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