Lets talk romance….

I recently read something absolutely brilliant, because a friend had posted a link to the article which appeared on my Facebook feed. Now, I barely ever have the time to open all the links I find strewn across my feed, regardless of how interesting they may seem to me. But since I am on vacation, I find myself paying closer attention to these posts and I wound up clicking one that later inspired this post.

The article I found was actually linked to another blog, a far more professional do than mine. I was thoroughly impressed and now I can’t wait to show you this post. It should resonate with men and women both and teach a lesson through a different perspective. Read the article linked below before you carry on with my post:


I’m Dating Someone Even Though I’m Married

By Jarrid Wilson


Done? Good. Did that give some food for thought? I personally found it a very profound read and loved the perspective the writer Jarrid gives. I like the idea that even though you have won the love of your significant other, it should not mean that you stop making the effort you put in to get them.

The courting stage of a relationship is a lovely time where we are at our best, and everything is rosy colored. It is an exciting time of butterflies-in-the-tummy and smiling-for-no-reason, going out of your way to be considerate and do little things that make the other happy. Why should all that stop just because you got together?

I guess the key to keeping things fresh is to keep romance in mind. All the cheesy things, the flowers and the candy, the candles and adventures, these are all iconic for a reason. You may be a cynic about these things outwardly but you must agree that deep down, even you wouldn’t mind a little ol’ school loving!

So please, everyone that is in a relationship, do not fall into the trap of routine and humdrum. Make the effort and you will be rewarded with a relationship that is stimulating and exciting and all the more loving than it ever was or perhaps was in the first few days.



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