A friend of mine decided to sign up for the 100 HAPPY DAYS CHALLENGE. Basically, you post a picture every day, on any forum and you tag it a 100happydays(personalized statement here). The point of this challenge is to actively archive at least one thing that makes you happy every day for a hundred days, and at the end, if you succeed, it is said you will be generally happier and more grateful than when you started out.

Here is the official website with all the information and where you can sign up: http://100happydays.com

It is a whole lot harder than it sounds. And if it sounds difficult to you, finding even one thing that makes you happy in a day, then perhaps you need this challenge. If you have reached a point in your life where you are chronically miserable, unhappy, uninspired, bored or just meh/bleh, then this challenge is a real challenge and worth trying out. Because if the outcomes are as they say they will be, should you manage to reach a full 100 days, then you will come out for the better surely. You don’t like being miserable do you?

Also, most of us have no legitimate reason to be so down in the dumps to start with. We suffer from a definitive case of first world problems, that in reality are so silly that they really should not affect us like they do. Also most of us are so used to all the things we are blessed with that we forget to be grateful and to realize that things could be so much worse.

So far I have reached Day 6 and these have been my first 5 images:


New folder



New folder (2)





New folder (3)



New folder (4)



100 happy days


So far thats been what I have posted and I hope I can carry it on till the end. Fingers crossed!





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