17 Ugly Life Truths You Learn To Finally Accept In Your Mid 20s

Brilliant. Im about to turn 25 and I need all the guidance I can get. SIgh, QUARTERLIFE CRISES

Thought Catalog

Don't Trust The B In Apt. 23Don’t Trust The B In Apt. 23

1. Some of your childhood dreams are dead, and they’re never going to be resurrected. Now don’t let anyone tell you this about all your dreams but the reality is many of them have expiry dates. It hurts a lot when you realized certain talents have been put to waste. But it hurts even more if you don’t learn how to let those go.

2. You have very few real friends. We’re social creatures and we all need human conversation and touch. Some more than others. But don’t think that everyone who grabs a beer with you will be there at 4 a.m. when you call. Learn to appreciate the person who grabs the beer though. In their own way, they matter too. Just not more than your 4 a.m. friends.

3. “Doing what you love” is great. Being paid to do what…

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