Lets talk romance….

I recently read something absolutely brilliant, because a friend had posted a link to the article which appeared on my Facebook feed. Now, I barely ever have the time to open all the links I find strewn across my feed, regardless of how interesting they may seem to me. But since I am on vacation, I find myself paying closer attention to these posts and I wound up clicking one that later inspired this post.

The article I found was actually linked to another blog, a far more professional do than mine. I was thoroughly impressed and now I can’t wait to show you this post. It should resonate with men and women both and teach a lesson through a different perspective. Read the article linked below before you carry on with my post:


I’m Dating Someone Even Though I’m Married

By Jarrid Wilson


Done? Good. Did that give some food for thought? I personally found it a very profound read and loved the perspective the writer Jarrid gives. I like the idea that even though you have won the love of your significant other, it should not mean that you stop making the effort you put in to get them.

The courting stage of a relationship is a lovely time where we are at our best, and everything is rosy colored. It is an exciting time of butterflies-in-the-tummy and smiling-for-no-reason, going out of your way to be considerate and do little things that make the other happy. Why should all that stop just because you got together?

I guess the key to keeping things fresh is to keep romance in mind. All the cheesy things, the flowers and the candy, the candles and adventures, these are all iconic for a reason. You may be a cynic about these things outwardly but you must agree that deep down, even you wouldn’t mind a little ol’ school loving!

So please, everyone that is in a relationship, do not fall into the trap of routine and humdrum. Make the effort and you will be rewarded with a relationship that is stimulating and exciting and all the more loving than it ever was or perhaps was in the first few days.


Dark City (1998) [FILM REVIEW]

I contributed on Eternal Abhorrence! Yes I do sometimes use my film education to do reviews once in a while 🙂

Eternal Abhorrence


When it comes to film makers and their ilk, Alex Proyas is a personal favorite director of mine because I have a soft spot for the cult classic that is his rendition of “The Crow” (1994), from the graphic novels of the same name. Seemingly fascinated with allegorical future-gone-ape-shit-crazy ideas, he is also the man behind “I, Robot” (2004) and “Knowing” (2009).

Yet I must say “Dark City” (1998) is something of a crowning achievement. A mishmash of nostalgic genres, mixing neo-Noir and early elements of Sci-Fi reminiscent of German masterpiece Metropolis, it still managing to remain new and fresh (for 1998 when it was originally released).  The plot of Dark City revolves around John Murdoch (played by Rufus Sewell to great effect) as he awakens alone in a hotel room, and realizes as he further ventures out into the city, that something is seriously wrong. More like unnatural…

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23 Things All Girls Secretly Want

Brilliant read 😀

Thought Catalog

1. To be 5’10 like Cindy Crawford.

2. A man that will tell instead of ask (because he has secret ESP so he always knows the right thing to say).

3. Clothes that look better on your body than on the rack.

4. A job they’re really good at, and don’t have to wear pantyhose, long skirts and crew necks in order for them to be taken seriously.

5. The ability to do it all, or at least to stop caring about doing things that aren’t actually important without being judged.

6. A skin care regiment that is perfect, inexpensive, and easy.

7. Female role models that are equal parts Elizabeth Taylor and Hillary Clinton.

8. To be able to freely make whatever choice they want in regard to dress, politics, work or parenting and without it making them a “good” or a “bad” feminist.

9. An orgasm every time.

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Featured Writer Post 1!

I am addicted to reading. I guess I am a bit of a snob in my criticism when it comes to the quality of writing I enjoy, but that does not mean I don’t appreciate the effort put into the work. I am not the best of writers myself but I want to be, one day. And I am so grateful to everyone that has pushed me so far or read my work even if they hated it and had nothing nice to say 😀

So this is going to be a new category of posts. I am going to be featuring writers I come across in my extensive reading, in print or online. If I can manage it, I will have the writer themselves involved too so you, dear reader, can ask them what you like and they can answer your questions themselves! This way we can spread the word about talented writers and encourage them to keep going!

So the first article I would like to share with you is by a personal friend of mine. He says he doesn’t get enough time to start a blog of his own but does enjoy writing when he can. Here is his interesting take on the world (as it perhaps should have been):

A World Where Hate Doesn’t Exist?

by Shabaz Khan (Click link above to go to the original post)

1942, the world is under the siege of the Second World War, the bloodiest battles ever fought in the history of mankind? No actually, a middle aged Hitler and Teddy Roosevelt are having a cup of coffee in teddy’s living room. Their discussion is pointed at how the prevalent barter trade between the two countries is improving their economic output and how it can be further expanded to improve their respective motherlands and the mutual friendship that exists between the two. Let’s take things further back. Prophet Jesus is propagating a One God religion in the holiest of holies, the grand city of Jerusalem, and some Jews are open mindedly accepting his ideas and welcoming these new thoughts into their lives, while the older rabbis, if not accepting the apparently new Monotheistic notion, are not posing threats to Jesus’ life. But wait, who are the rabbis to decide what’s wrong and what’s not? Isn’t that the roman general’s job who’s been appointed by Caesar to govern that region, that would be a big NO because Caesar is not the emperor of Rome. Why you ask? Well, because Rome has a legislative body known as the nobles and a democratic form of ruler-ship not Caesar’s one man show, because Rome doesn’t quite understand what Civil wars are. Its peaceful boundaries are within the confines of the region now known as modern day Italy. Then who in the world has conquered Jerusalem? No body! That’s who!

India 1946; Jinnah has been appointed the President of the Islam oriented nation of India, this nation pretty much stretches from sharing its boundary with Iran to touching its border with the very friendly nation of China in the east. Indian politician Jawaharlal Nehru heartily embraced and congratulated Mr. Jinnah on this occasion. Whereas letters of appreciation were received from leaders all around the world, especially from Her Majesty in Britain who congratulated Jinnah on his new Presidency and showed gratitude for his services in establishing a mutually monitored and very strong economic system. But wait, how come India is an Islamic nation while for thousands of years it had practiced Hinduism? That’s because when Islamic scholars from the land of sands sailed to India to preach the beautiful way of life known as Islam, they were welcomed with cheers instead of rants, and flowers instead of spears, and so were their teachings, over the span of around almost 400 years, India has become a Muslim majority region and the Hindus that did not convert live peacefully with all their rights in the Muslim governed nation, and oh so peacefully because the British never tried to occupy the region in the cover of a trading company known as East India Trades. On the contrary the East India trading company is a very important and key factor in the trading system between the two countries, because both countries have so much to offer one another, for India is very rich in minerals and agriculture whereas England is a powerhouse in the Industrial sector.

Now let’s pick up the present day paper waiting for us on the porch and read what’s going on in the world these days in modern times. Bush, the most loved president after Ronald Reagan, and longtime friend Osama Bin Laden have been invited by Barrack Obama for dinner in the white house, this has been a sort of a return gesture on Obama’s part because earlier this month George W. had invited Obama to his luxurious house in Texas where he congratulated Obama on his on-going very successful term as President, and how well he was received all over the world considering he was only the “second” black President of USA, for the first one was Doctor Martin Luther King . This has been Obama’s second invitation to an important person in a month because just a couple of weeks ago, the Russian prime Minister was a guest at white house where they discussed the nuclear plans under progress, a joint venture of the two longtime allies. Not nuclear bombs! Nuclear plants for harnessing electricity. Such plants are being set-up by the two super-powers all over the world, especially some of the economically backward regions of Africa so that the world can be a better, brighter place. Japan is helping with its state of the art technology to help Korea in its irrigation problems. North Korea or South Korea you ask? Korea is just one country, there is no such thing as North or South Korea.

Sitting somewhere reading all that has been fore-mentioned, one can’t help but look around himself, what he or she will see are kids playing around, people walking on the side-walks with big smiles on their faces. Bearded people are not feared of but are respected, young ones can play without a fear because there’s no one to kidnap them, there’s no such thing as police, because there’s no such thing as criminals. Locks don’t exist because people find it rather easy to just walkout of their shops with a “closed” sign hanging on an unlocked door. Children go to schools instead of working on daily wages in factories because education is free. There’s not one person in this country that goes to sleep on an empty stomach or has to go to work on foot, because everyone has a well-established career and a car, this in-turn of the fact that corruption doesn’t exist. Observing the more abstract beauty of the world around one’s self, a grief stricken face is nowhere to be found, nor is a face that has a mask of anger or frown. There’s affection and love among people who are complete strangers to one another. How the old granny is helped across the street by a boy who has a smile on his face and asks or hopes for nothing in return but a smile back at him. How a pregnant woman carrying bags is helped by some person whom she does not know and who doesn’t know her, but he carries her bags to her doorstep and they exchange not money or any materialistic reward but the most beautiful of smiles and respect and affection in their eyes. When the window is broken accidentally by a ball gone astray, the old man comes out and being the sport that he is, gives the children their ball back with a big laugh and words that are not hate-filled but rather a story about how he used to break windows accidentally when he was their age. A place where something called a divorce lawyer doesn’t exist because people don’t know what in the world a divorce is, for all the couples have very deep feelings of love and care for their loved partners. Abortions, illiteracy, murder, prisons, corruption, theft, robberies, abandonment, betrayal, infidelity, lies, deceit, fraud, manipulation, heart-breaks and all other children of mother Hatred were never born in this paradise.

Before asking the author millions of questions on the utter ridicule and apparently insane abomination of a world he has described above, or questioning him on what is he trying to prove with all that he has mentioned, with a feel of anger and rage that might literally tear the writer to pieces. Ask yourself, why is it so hard for us to absorb such an idea, why does this whole depiction has an off feeling to us, why the hell do we feel that something is missing when we should be willing to walk for miles, work till there’s not a drop of blood left in our veins, or a breath of air remaining in our lungs to make a world that is even better than what has been depicted? Why not look around us and do everything that can be humanly done to make even a little difference to the atrocity of a world that we live in. Because since the day we were born, we have absorbed so much violence and hatred inside of us that we cannot fathom an idea of such sort. Our hearts and our minds have been filled with so much anger and frustration that we’d rather destroy any such idea instead of breaking a sweat working for it. All because all of the world, from the junior high bully, that takes away lunch money from other kids to our more sophisticated bullies who strip the world at large of all its valuables in the guise of ministers, presidents and other authoritative figures has been corrupted to its very core and we have no one but ourselves to blame. While they are doing each and everything in their power to rob people of all their money and valuables, the damage they are inflicting is far more catastrophic. They are vanishing tolerance, love and care among the masses in a pool of hatred, now that is a vanishing act more impressive than poor David Copperfield could ever imagine of pulling off. No, there were no tea parties in the period from 1939 to 1945 because millions of people were being slaughtered like their lives meant nothing, nations have waged war since the times of Noah with spears and swords to the present day in the form of nuclear arsenals, whether it be a well-planed conspiracy for achieving power or one man’s misled sense of self-righteousness that makes it okay for him to brand anyone with a beard as a terrorist. From the average fruit-seller sitting at the corner of our streets to the presidency that governs us, to our own selves, we are all criminals in one way or another, for if one really wants to achieve the kind of paradise, a depiction of which was but a mere try by the author to be presented, one must change his own self to the point where he is free of even the most minute of prejudice. For only then, is it possible to live in such a world, and for what it’s worth, an effort is due on everyone’s part.

Phew! I know it’s a long read but I hope you enjoy it! I am never one to ask for comments or likes or reblogs but please, please comment and give your own opinion on this one because Shahbaz Khan would greatly appreciate feedback and may even get involved with discussing the content of his article!