Guess who just got back to the blog world!

Hello everyone! I know I have been missing. But anyone who has ever moved in their lives can attest to how stressful and busy a time it can be. Well no I have settled in and will be back with a bang and you will all be seeing  lot more posts on here.

So what has happened since my last post? I moved to Malaysia, to the province of Sarawak. This is one of two Malaysian provinces on the island of Borneo, which itself is shared between Indonesia, Brunei and of course Malaysia itself. I now reside in the small pseudo-industrial town of Miri, fondly known as a “Shell town” because the Shell company struck oil here some decades ago and now there are many people here solely employed by them.

I said “pseudo” industrial because when you first land and step out of the airport, the sheer lush greenery makes it difficult to believe that this is an industrial town. Whats more is the strong feeling of ever encroaching nature just ready to reclaim its dominance, not the kind of man-developed greenery usually seen in other industrial towns to combat the environmental impact of industrial development, but true natural-rainforesty wildness punctuated by rivers and estuaries and small lakes here and there. What I mean to say is is, seeing the vast swamp like landscape, the ever present possibility of rain and the small-town lazy factor lend Miri a sort of hazy, laid back dreaminess described by Anne Rice in her descriptions of Louisiana perhaps? That seems to be the only comparison I can drum up right now.

What am I doing here you may wonder. Well I am studying. At Curtin University of Techonology’s off-shore campus. The university itself is based out of Australia. I am pursuing another degree now, Mass Communications, majoring in Public Relation and Film & Television. Fun times. Presetly I am a little exhausted from class so here I will proceed to insert some pictures of the crocodile farm. Enjoy!


A simple entry…

So I finished my last post and boy that took some effort! I realized I am still a bit of a duffer at this blog-linking-tech stuff whatever and it actually took a lot out of me to write it out, then I started to enjoy it because the blogs I nominated for the award really are deserving in my opinion. So all in all, it was well worth the effort to link each blog in the post then inform the writers that I’ve basically Tagged/nominated them as letting them know was part of the ritual.

Being nominated myself, I was very surprised and well chuffed about it, in fact I think I exclaimed out loud to myself in my silent room at 1am. I cant believe the amazing support I have gotten thus far considering I decided to try my luck by NOT telling my friends and family about The Penguin and The Machine, just to see how much response I could get and fingers crossed, would show me the true worth of what I do because hey, these people that would discover my blog themselves, they did not HAVE to like my posts, or give encouraging comments, and the biggest compliment of all, proceed to click that little FOLLOW button. They could have very well ignored my efforts as for all intents and purposes, I do not know these people personally hence they owe me nothing.

Which is what makes their support even more amazing! And you, right now reading this, I thank you for taking the time out!

So right now, it is 2:05 am and I am getting that headache you sometimes get when you spend too much time in the sun. But I just had to post this one last…stream of words 😀

Also, there has, as always, got to be at least SOME photographic element to a post of mine right? here goes:

These are my babies 😀

Murree Part 1… The road up

Candy Color Shock


Murree was once a tiny little town up in the mountains just an hour out of Islamabad. Small, remote and not-so-developed, it was once what can be called “scenic”. Islamabad is itself a pretty sight, nestled comfortably at the foot of the Margalla hills.

Murree was the summer capital of the British raj in the Punjab Province of British Subcontinent. Once a popular tourist destination, Murree is often referred to as the “Queen of Hills,” a term coined by the English who seemed to have always had a penchant or leaning towards monarchical terminology (No Offense Meant…. seriously). These days however, the place is not so pretty anymore. Over development has made main Murree into a big market place that is crowded on a weekday and impossible on a weekend. It is such a mish-mash of humanity that it is easy to over look the little charms that once made it one of my favorite places to visit, that still happen to be there, just harder to spot. For instance, a truck stop named “Charra Pani” were fresh water spouts from the mountain side half way up the road between Islamabad and Murree.

Charra Pani has always, or for as long as I can remember, been an essential stop on the journey. Cars stop there to cool off the strained engines and get their cars washed by the many local boys, using the water from the spring. One time, a few years back, my father actually pulled out a Ghost crab from the spring! And it was a good decent size, healthy white one too. The other attraction is the “dhabas” opposite the spring where we park our cars. a Dhaba is basically a truck cafe/hotel type of a place, serving local food at low prices. Not necessarily known for hygiene, they none the less have the best damn Pakoras and Doodh-Patti tea that can be found.

The photograph above is of a stand outside one such dhaba.


This photograph is of the Pakora guy that makes the yummy fried doughy things.

After this stop we make way higher up and as we get higher, the wind starts to get cooler, and the windows roll down and the rush of cold wind against sweaty summer skin is probably one of the best feelings in the world. One really must take the time to make small stops here and there along the road to marvel at how genuinely stunning the place is! Here are a few more examples:


Super tall tree… yep…

Always clicking…


Reaching for the sky

A rare photograph of the photographer… thanks dad 🙂


Post to be continued in Part 2: Murree, The Tourist Trap I Love



The last post of the night…

Moonlight Industry


This is what is commonly known as a Plant (as in the factory sort). My father helped construct this one that you see. He was a project engineer/manager before he retired earlier this year. This is just one of many he has worked on. Growing up I would visit these sites, see these monstrous structures go from ground up and when they would light up it was like something out of a sci-fi flick or when seen from afar, like an ocean steam-liner with ist many chimneys puffing white smoke… I had a pretty wild imagination as a child luckily:

That’s me

And the sea will wash away traces of destitution from the sand…



So many lonely needles I see, and once you see one, you see them everywhere. I have that problem. I see syringes and needles every day I step out, but none so lonely as this, stabbed into a piece of Styrofoam by the sea side, not yet washed away into the big blue beyond forever more due to the sea weed that blocks it path towards oblivion…oblivion no doubt, like the poor soul who found his own in the prick of a vein, washed away on waves of ecstatic highs lost to whatever ailed him once upon a time just like words written in the sand washed away by the tide, just like this syringe too, shall eventually be.